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With a rush and a little effort too
Our company was formed to serve
Sth Viet Nam was where we were due
a month’s training to build our nerve

We went and soldiered as soldiers do
Through jungles, villages and on shores
Some died, some wounded and others too
have been affected by the brutal score

Now much older and much wiser too
We meet and relive those special times
Not always expecting as some may do
Compensation for the Orange crimes

  Only to spend some time together
  To share moments of life’s memories
  Makes our life less stormy weather
  And our friendship will always increase
You wouldn't know him if you passed him by in the street. The youngest now would be in his
mid sixties so the slouch in his back or the fact that he may be in a wheel chair makes no
difference to you because its what you see naturally when out and about. But on ANZAC day its
a little different because now he will most likely be wearing his medals and be part of the
parade. It's then that our veterans are recognised. One day each year.
For us who are veterans - it really doesn't matter. Our life has gone on just as naturally as we
could live it without being too obvious. Our "fight" has been and will continue to be with policy
makers, politicians, medical practitioners and the like. A fight for assistance with medical
concerns that we feel are a result of our time spent in Sth Viet Nam many years ago. So even
though we may have aged somewhat and watched many of our veterans pass away, mostly
through reasons we see as a result of time spent in Sth Viet Nam, we still look forward to
speaking with and catching up with our comrades.    
The difference of course is that our bond was formed and united in a war zone which existed as
a bond for life's sake. Each DAY of our time together in 1968 had such an effect on us that it
bonded us for life and can never ever be broken.
Birthdays of our leaders are a really good reason for a get together. Here again we can mix and
spend time with friends who are very important to us and we don't have to concern ourselves.
Parts of the conflict in Vietnam are relived and more often than not the situation will end with a
humorous ending. Like most other groups we too have a very strong bond with each other.
Archie - Nooks -  Mike  and  Willis