2017 W Coy REUNION
                                        24, 25 & 26 Nov 2017
                                                       TARADALE, HB, NZ

            This Reunion is dated close to FIFTY  YEARS after our Company was formed in TERENDAK, early November 1967.

   It is of course fifty years since I joined the NZ Army in April 1967 and of course my friendship and association with Archie
   Kururangi, Mike Beazley, Gundie Lawson, Pani Haronga, Pat Laracy, Mani Mokomoko, Tommy Murray and Pagan Smith, who all
   joined the NZ Army in 1967 and have since passed away. Then there are Willis Hapi, Johnny Kopae, Garry Hammet, Pete
   Dellabarca, Eddie Hawkins, Jack Moka, Wayne Lindsay, Craig Howell, Tonga Brown and I am sure I have forgotten someone
   who also joined the NZ Army in 1967. So 1967 is a memorable year not just for us but for the whole of Whiskey Company as it
   was the year we formed the company and left for a ONE YEAR tour of active service in South Viet Nam. With this in mind and
   with the recent loss of our 2IC Capt. B Sinclair making a total of approximately 76 of the company who have passed on let's all
   make an effort to be at this reunion - seeing you there will certainly be a real reunion I can assure you.
The final exercise for Whiskey Company was held at Jungle Warfare School in Johor Malaysia. That
exercise would have been in it's early stages during these dates 50 years ago and it ended on the
7th of December 1967.