Welcome to the place they call Vietnam
Beautiful, rugged, red dirt and tall palms
Evidence of war all around us we see
That guy on the checkpoint, why's he looking at me?

So this is the place they call Vietnam
Gotta keep cool and keep acting calm
Don't want to appear to be scared or afraid
What's that local looking at - has he got a grenade?

Bombed out bridges and barbed wire road blocks
Bullet holes in buildings and rubble and rocks
Wipe away that sweat with a trembling palm
This is - the place they call Vietnam

Take it easy, keep cool, keep the smile on your face
Keep pretending you're glad to be in this place
Keep a grip on that rifle you have in your arms
'cause this is the place they call Vietnam

Is this really the place they call Vietnam
Everyone here has Black Trousers on
I thought only Charlie would be wearing that gear
It seems almost everyone is wearing it here

I can see already there's lots to learn
And local respect you will have to earn
Get used to this country and all her charm
Cause it's home for a year - Nui Dat, Vietnam

       (Inspired by the First Ride from Vung Tau to Nui Dat)
All rights reserved.