ACTIVATION (October 1967)

In October the New Zealand Government decided to deploy a second rifle company group to South Vietnam.  This company
was formed, in Malaysia, within the 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment under the interim command of its
second - in - command, Captain B.D. Sinclair.

On November 14 Major P.G. Hotop arrived from New Zealand to assume command. The company group including a mortar
section and an assault pioneer section, conducted preparatory training, assisted by 1RNZIR, from Terendak

                                                              DEPLOYMENT (16/17 December 1967)

On 20 November 1967 the company Advance Party deployed to Nui Dat, South Vietnam to join the 1st Australian Task Force
and was placed under the command of the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment together with the other New Zealand
company (V Company). This combined Battalion officially became The Anzac Battalion on 1 March 1968. The remainder of
the company now called W Company, deployed by royal New Zealand Hercules from Singapore to the coastal town of Vung
Tau and after a move by road convoy was complete in Nui Dat on 17 December 1967. The company then set about
establishing its new company lines and conducted some familiarisation training. Fortunately, the company had internal lines
within the other companies, so had no perimeter post responsibilities except to fill the gaps when any company lacked the
manpower to guard their area at night because of other operational commitments.

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                                                          BATALION CHANGEOVER - 2 June 1968

On 1 June 4RAR began arriving in Vung Tau and on 2 June V and W Companies came under command, thus
forming 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion. W Company continued local patroling in the Nui Dat area.

RETURN TO 1RNZIR - 15 November 1968

On 14 and 15 November W Company was relieved by W2 Company and then flew out by Royal New Zealand Air Force
Hercules aircraft from Vung Tau to Singapore. Most of the Company then returned to New Zealand and those that remained
went to the Cameron Highlands for a well earned rest.
OPERATION LAWLEY  (22/23 December)

THE HORSESHOE   (28 December 1967 - 11 February 1968)

OPERATION COBURG   (12 - 24 February 1968)

OPERATION PINNAROO   (27 February - 24 March 1968)

OPERATION ASHGROVE TRAM   (25/26 March 1968)


CAMPAIGN  TOAN THANG   (25 April - 10 May 1968)

OPERATION REDWING   (10 June 1968)

OPERATION KOSCIUSKO   (15 - 20 June 1968)

OPERATION TOAN THANG 2   (22 June - 18 July 1968)

OPERATION MERINO   (18 - 25 July)

OPERATION LYRE BIRD   (1 August - 4 September 1968)

OPERATION INNAMINCKA   (7 - 12 September 1968)

OPERATION HAWKESBURY   (12 - 24 September 1968)

OPERATION SCEPTRE   (28 September - 6 October 1968)

OPERATION CAPITAL, PHASE 1   (13 - 30 October 1968)