1.        Of the three medals awarded to NZ Vietnam Veterans, the NZ medal began being issued to veterans
         how many years after the war?
      a.14                                b.24                                c.34                                d.44
2.        Who created the design of the Whiskey Company shield?
    a.Pagan                           b.Babs                            c.Tonga                         d.Smiley
3.        Of the 3 KIA from our company, Pte Awatere died on what day in April 1968?
     a.2                                   b.12                                c.22                                d.30
4.        How many soldiers are represented on the NZ Roll of Honour for the Vietnam War?
     a.57                                b.47                                c.37                                d.27
5.        What dates in December 1967 were the two flights to Vietnam made by the first Whiskey Company?
     a.14/15                            b.15/16                           c.16/17                           d.17/18
Answer each question by writing (a.b.c. or d.). Email your answers  to: rpnuku@gmail.com - and title the email "QUIZ 1".
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6.        What Operation was Whiskey Company involved in during the 20th of July 1968?
    a.Redwing                        b.Merino                         c.Sceptre                        d.Coburg
7.        What is the surname of the Officer who Commanded the original Whiskey Company?
    a.Hotop                            b.Sinclair                        c.Barber                          d.Skews
8.        Who was the Lieutenant commanding 3 Platoon Whiskey Company 1967/68?
    a.Steel                            b.Barley                          c.Wood                            d.Denniston
9.        What rank in Vietnam was Adrian Cronauer the radio announcer that said “Good morning Vietnam”?
    a.Sergeant                     b.Corporal                       c.Major                            d.Captain
10.       How many months was the original Whiskey Company formed in Terendak before going to Vietnam?
    a.One                             b.Two                             c.Three                            d.Four
11.       From the Poem called Night Rituals, one of the gamblers is called?
      a.Sinky                          b.Buster                          c.Juju                              d.Chesty       
12.      One of the Photo albums used on our site was donated by Harry. What is his surname?
    a.Hapi                            b.Coleman                        c.Shaw                          d.Albert
13.      Name the original group that sung the song Daydream Believer.
    a.Hollies                         b.Animals                         c.Monkeys                     d.Engelbert
14.      How many other sites are linked to our site on the LINK page?
    a.Eleven                         b.Ten                               c.Nine                             d.Eight
15.      When Whiskey Company went to Vietnam in December 1967, what Australian Battalion did they join?
    a.4RAR                           b.3RAR                           c.2RAR                            d.1RAR
16.      Who led the North Vietnamese forces?
     a.Mikhail Gorbachev     b.Mao Zedong                c.Nguyen Van Thieu        d.Ho Chi Minh
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