Today I met with mates of mine
Good mates I have from another time
Some now are grey and others are bent
We shared our memories of times long spent
       A reunion of sorts was Tribute 08
       Our welcome home four decades too late

Some didn't make it for reasons not known
Genuine reasons that each of us own
Others who now have passed on from this life
Are represented by a son or a wife
       They're all gathered here at Tribute 08
       To hear what is said and not to debate.

A trip back in time down memory lane
Of the war that our country hid from in shame
And we the veterans who were treated like dirt
Facing ridicule and scorn and feeling the hurt.
       So now's the time here at Tribute 08
       When those in high places did put it all straight

The Prime Minister first her apology was made
On national TV and to us on parade
From the General's apology which we all heard
"Defence let you down" those were his words
       Tears flowed here at Tribute 08
       And from us that are here there'll be no more hate.

The RSA too had things to say
Of the treatment they meted back then in that day
Recognition confirmed and a new medal too
I bid Haere ra comrades, good mates all of you
       We'll look back here one day at Tribute 08           
       And remember the events that occurred on this date.

                   'Nooks'  1 Jun 08 Wgtn