Do people understand our plight?
Some denied that it even happened
And others mocked our lifelong fight
The Vietnam Vet continues fighting

The land destroyed, the country bled
And people left amid the fray
Unaware that decades later
They'd still be suffering from "orange" spray
The Vietnam Vet is still fighting

And we the soldiers sent to fight
Came home to face abuse and scorn
Left to continue on our lives
Battling illnesses of "orange" born
The Vietnam Vet goes on fighting

The Politicians will come and go
And as they do our plight they'll hear
But theirs is just a term or so
And then denial will replace their fear
Of the Vietnam Vets persistent fighting

Soldiers deprived of a welcome home
"Agent" sprayed as we did our best
Still suffering daily in health and mind
As we lay our comrades down to rest
The Vietnam Vets will die fighting

RPN 1998