Dinner done and its off to the Bar
That's where most of the boys now are
Drinking and singing cracking rude jokes
Same old stories from the same old blokes
Tits, Ollie, Mack and Buster and Ra

Movie goers stear clear of the melee
They just want to relax at the end of their day
Watching the movie "A Fist Full of Dollars"
They scream, they whistle and they holler
Wedge, Tonga, Smithy and Chesty and Smiley

Then there are those who fancy their hand
In Poker, 21 or Slippery Sam
The Gamblers will play til six in the morning
And take all your money without any warning
Nooks, Jellick, Jack Moka and Juju or Sam

To write letters home is where some would run
To the family, relation's or that special someone
Back in the Land of the Long White Cloud
Where "Bring our boys home!" is being shouted out loud.
Arch (Judy) Mike (Christine) and me to my MUM

There are also those I must agree
That for some unknown reason you'd seldom see
'Cos they're all out hobnobbing with the big brass
and playing silly games like "Flaming ------"
Grant, Din-din, Barley, The BOSS and Sinky

These soldiers enjoy the spare time that is theirs
Forgetting the contacts, the shocks and the scares
Our company lines have become a safe place
Where we can relax in our own little space
And do as we do and nobody cares.

RPN 21/7/68