0500  stand-too
Then off we go to our rendezvous
Expected RV around seven hundred hours
A walk in the 'J' - to smell the flowers

Five hours later we're still out walking
Who went wrong? Everyones talking
Two Section was that you out front?
I guess you have to bear the brunt

Stop for lunch, off with the pack
A quick brew and a light snack
Remember the date loaf Wattie's make
That was it  My birthday cake

Stop on high ground and shoot a bearing
What a day and still people swearing
Late afternoon, we hear a sound..
One more gully? One more mound?

Then we find it that old tin mine
What a relief, and not before time
ETA  0700
What a joke, someone had blundered

Back to JWS some 13 hrs late
Most oblivious to the significance of that date
That was my Twenty-first Lost in the 'J'
And Vietnam only days away.