22 JUNE - 18 JULY
The enemy was expected to try to attack the area of Long Binh (near Saigon) for their mid-year
offensive.  It was decided to use 1 Australian Task Force to relieve the US 199th Light Infantry
Brigade with the task of dominating the rocket belt to the north-east in order to protect the huge
storage areas from rocket attack.  The ANZAC Battalion deployed by air from Nui Dat on 23 June to
a position on the left flank of 1 RAR.  During patrolling, W company had only one contact with the
enemy when a group of four detonated a claymore mine against a 2 Platoon patrol.  Two possible
rocket launching sites were located.  In the latter stages of the operation the Company  assumed
responsibility for the protection of the Fire Support Base.

The operation was successful in that no rockets were fired from the Task Force area, but, as there
was little sign of any large enemy concentrations, the ANZAC Battalion was air-lifted to Fire Support
Base Chestnut ( near the village of Thai Thien on Route 15) to commence another operation -
Operation Merino.