25 APRIL - 10 MAY 1968
The 1st Australian Task Force joined this allied campaign when the US Headquarters III Corps
requested assistance to counter an expected Viet Cong offensive against Saigon and the large
military installations of Long Binh and Bien Hoa.  W Company was placed under operational control
of the Task Force Headquarters and was given the task of an airmobile assault to secure Fire
Support Base Hunt, then to co-ordinate its local defence.  The Task Force deployed into the area on
26 April but the offensive failed to eventuate.  On the 29 April and 1 May the Company conducted
an APC mounted clearing operation of the rubber plantation south-west of "Hunt", with little success.

As all was quiet, a new operation was planned for the Task Force to sweep south towards Nui Dat
but after only three days patrolling the US III Corps again asked for assistance and all companies
were air-lifted back north to Fire Support Base Anderson for ambushing on likely approach routes to
the Bien Hoa complex.  After a further five days patrolling and night ambushing outside Fire Support
Base Anderson, with very few contacts, the battalion returned to Nui Dat on 10 May, where the
Company conducted local patrols and retraining.  

From the 20th to 23rd of May W Company joined C Company to protect an engineer land clearing
operation near Ap Soui Nghe (Operation Toolong), then returned to Nui Dat for the preparations for
the departure of 2 RAR and the settling in period for 4 RAR.  The opportunity was also taken for
many of the Company to take their seven days "R and R" leave out of theatre.