As there was no immediate operation planned, W Company made it known that they wished to
return to an area where well worn tracks had been located on a previous operation, but not checked
out.  On 28 September W Company, with a section of mortars and supported by the guns from Nui
Dat, mounted an independent operation in the area of Ngai Giao (AO Mustang), on Route 2 north of
Nui Dat.  The Company established its own Fire Support Base and patrolled from it. At times all
platoons were out of the base on patrol, protection being provided by Company Headquarters and a
few "light duty" members from each platoon.

There were two platoon contacts on the 30 September, resulting in one enemy being captured.  
There were three clashes on 2 October: the first with a party of four which resulted in one being
killed and possibly two wounded; the second with a party of ten when six were killed and at least
two wounded; the third with a group of three who succesfully broke contact and withdrew.  On the
5th of October the last clash was with a party of three enemy resulting in one being killed.

The Company returned to Nui Dat on 6 October to undertake  base defence duties and to prepare
for Operation Capital.