22 & 23 DECEMBER 1967
Operation Lawley was the first operation in which part of the company participated. This was a
Battalion cordon and search of the village of Ngai Giao situated on Route 2 north of the task force
base.  While the fly-in was in progress, a road convoy carrying the Screening Centre and 2 Platoon
W Company moved to the area by Route 2.  The convoy was protected by the Cavalry Squadron
which also had the task of securing Route 2 during the air lift. By nightfall on 22 December the
village was successfully cordoned and the villagers were informed by voice aircraft what was
happening.  2 Platoon provided protection for Battalion Headquarters and the Screening Centre.
1,218 persons were screened and 93 were detained, mainly for minor misdemeanours such as
identity card irregularities.  2 Platoon returned to Nui Dat late afternoon on 23 December.