15 - 20 JUNE 1968
This was 4 RARs final acclimatisation operation prior to taking part in Task Force operations.  The
task was to destroy all enemy and enemy assets in the area between the Nui Dinh and the Nui Thai
Vai (mountains), south-west to Route 15.  W Company, patrolling down the eastern boundary, met
stiff opposition from caretaker groups but managed to reach the installations being guarded.      
There were five contacts with the enemy and one member of the Company was wounded by an
enemy claymore mine.

A number of large camps were located and destroyed, where possible, including a battalion sized
training camp and a camp some 200 yards in width.  Many weapons, packs, ammunition and a large
quantity of food were captured.  W and D Companies moved to a pick-up point on Route 15 and
returned to Nui Dat by road on 20 June for two days' rest.