7 - 12 SEPTEMBER 1968
Operation Innamincka started with a battalion cordon and sweep of Nui Nhan (Hill) against a suspected enemy
camp.  Three companies were to move into blocking positions during darkness, W Company across the North
end of the feature, and B Company was to sweep from the South.  Only V Company had minor contacts during
the move in, killing one local Viet Cong and wounding another

When B Company moved on to the hill there was neither sight nor sound of an enemy - in fact there was no
concrete evidence that he had ever been there.  Companies then commenced sweeping to the south-west.  
Only W Company made contact with the enemy, engaging 10 enemy in a camp.  The enemy withdrew,
apparently without loss, but left a large amount of ammunition, weapons and supplies behind.  The operation
concluded on 12 September with a fly-out to a new AO for Operation Hawkesbury.