12 - 24 FEBRUARY 1968
Long Binh-Bien Hoa complex (near Saigon).  W Company was initially placed under operational
control of 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment for reconnaissance in force operations. The
preceding week had seen the commencement of the 1968 Tet Offensive and the task force were
deployed across enemy exfiltration routes from the Bien Hoa areas which had been under heavy
attack during Tet. During this operation the Company had three contacts, the most significant on 15
February was with 12 to 15 Viet Cong. Two Viet Cong were killed, one wounded, and a weapon and
pack recovered, with no friendly casualties.  However, a day earlier, a member of the Company
returning from patrol was wounded by friendly fire as he approached the company base through
thick undergrowth.

On 24 February, while on the move to secure a new Fire Support Base for 3 RAR, orders were
received to return to a known Landing Zone (LZ) to be uplifted by helicopter for return to Nui Dat to
prepare for another operation with the ANZAC Battalion.  This was perhaps fortunate as the Fire
Support Base, the Company was on its way to secure, came under heavy attack a few nights later
and the perimeter was breached with heavy friendly casualties.