13 - 30 OCTOBER 1968
Operation Capital was a two-phased two-battalion-sized reconnaissance in force operation back in
the Thua Tich area - the home of an enemy Rear Services Group.  The ANZAC Battalion deployed
on the morning of 13 October to a LZ near the deserted hamlet of Ap Xa Bang.  W Company and
104 Battery established Fire Support Base Flinders on the edge of the de Courtenay rubber estate.

W Company provided protection of the Fire Support Base and conducted local patrols until 30
October when Phase I concluded and the battalion flew back to Nui Dat. After 3 days the battalion,
less W Company, returned to the same area hoping to surprise the enemy.  W Company prepared
for the return to 1 RNZIR in Malaysia and acted as Sick Ward for the battalion for those with mild
cases of malaria which was rampant in the Task Force.