25 & 26 MARCH 1968
This was a traditional battalion cordon and search of the village of Xa Long Hai situated at the foot of
the Long Hai mountains south of Nui Dat. W Company flew in by helicopter as part of the cordon and
some companies moved by road. It was believed that the Viet Cong had been driven from the Long
Hai mountains by Operation Pinnaroo and had sought refuge in the village. The operation resulted in
the apprehension of 9 Viet Cong suspects, the detaining of 80 persons with ID Card irregularities and
the arrest by the Vietnamese authorities of 106 draft-dodgers or soldiers absent without leave.

The Company returned to Nui Dat on the night of the 26th, where it conducted local patrols around
the base area until 6 April, when it was deployed on Operation Cooktown Orchid.