Tommy joined the New Zealand Army on 19 June 1967. He did his
Burnham MC. Then shortly after completing these he was posted to
Terendak MC.

Pte TH Murray became a rifleman of 3 Platoon Whiskey Company. He
was one of approximately twenty new soldiers with less than a year of
service under their belt. In Whiskey Company his Platoon Commander
was Lieutenant Barley. By the 17th of December 1967 Whiskey
Company were all in Nui Dat Camp in South Vietnam. At a very early
stage Tom became attached to Company Headquarters. Following a
year of service in South Vietnam Tommy along with about twenty
others of the company returned to Terendak Military Camp in Malaysia
for yet another year of service in South East Asia.


From December 1968 until April 1970 Pte TH Murray was a soldier in
1RNZIR  based at Terendak Military Camp, Malaysia and then to
Singapore when the Battalion moved there in late 1969. In NZ Tommy
was eventually discharged on 22 September 1970. Before catching
his flight home he went to say goodbye to some of the guys at a hotel,
he did not drink just said goodbye and proceeded on his way home.
Unfortunately Tommy was hit by a car whilst crossing the road on a
pedestrian crossing and died during the accident.

Tommy died on 24 September 1970