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Local leave or R&C was taken at the Peter Badcoe Club in Vung Tau. From here the town of
Vung Tau with it's shops and Bars became a popular leave centre.  Uc Dai Loi was the name
given to the Australians by the Vietnamese. The name for the Kiwi soldiers was Tan Tay Lan.
Below is a couple of verses of a song that the Bar Girls sang in Vung Tau.
The song was sung to the tune of -

                                      "This Old Man He Played One."

Uc Dai Loi cheap Charlie                                   Tan Tay Lan number one
He no buy me Saigon Tea                                 He-e buy me Saigon Tea
Saigon Tea cost many many P                          Saigon Tea cost many many P         
Uc Dai Loi is cheap Charlie                                Tan Tay La- an number one           

Uc Dai Loi cheap Charlie                                   Tan Tay Lan number one               
He no give me MPC                                           He goes awol just for fun            
MPC cost many many P                                     Tan Tay Lan gives baby san              
Uc Dai Loi is Cheap Charlie                                Tan Tay Lan is number one  

             R & C Leave was for about three or four days
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This leave was taken out of country to several other countries including Hong Kong, Japan,
Phillipines, Singapore and Thailand for the single guys. If you were married then it also included
Malaysia. R & R centers were available else where including both Hawaii and Australia, but they
were not choices we Kiwi's were given. Most went to Hong Kong, Thailand or Japan. R & R was
usually for at least 7 days.