APRIL 26 1944 - FEB 26 2013
Buried at Ruatahuna
Mack was born in Whakatane, to Taituha and Hohi Herewini. At age 20 he joined the
NZ Army where he served for 20 years. During his time Mack served in Malaya,
Borneo and Vietnam.

Whilst in Vietnam with W Coy Mack was the Section Commander for 3 Section 2
Platoon. At reunions Mack was always in attendance and with a real sharing and
happy attitute to anyone and everyone. Over the years (33+) after service Mack was
well respected by many and was very involved in his community.

"we will remeber him"
                              Members of Whiskey Company at Macks Tangi

Harry Albert & Irene, Henry Banks,Archie Kururangi,Pat Nuku,Lynn & Wally Te Ua,John Bluet,
                                 John Kopae,Mick Karauria and Doug Stanton
                                Front:  Mike Perreau and John Coleman