211075 Cpl Hoerara GK
    George Kingi HOERARA
    2 January 1932 – 26 January 1968
    Killed in Action
    Buried in Te Araroa Cemetary.

Goerge was the longest serving soldier out of the three killed in action from Whiskey
Company. He is remebered by many for many reasons the most popular of which was
an unusual sense of humour.

During platoon and section patrolling in the Horseshoe Area of Operations (AO) there
were several clashes with the enemy resulting in one enemy being killed, three
surrendering and one being captured.  Several other enemy were wounded in clashes
but attempts to follow blood trails were unsuccessful.  During this period Corporal G.
Hoerara was killed and another soldier wounded when an anti-personnel mine was
detonated by a patrol.