Pte W Awatere
Cpl G Hoerara
Pte B Petersen
The Three we lost whislt on Active
Service in South Vietnam and
Pte RN Brown
Pte RA Hawthorne
both served with W Coy and were KIA
on their 2nd tour with W2 Coy
Armstrong BR (Barry)
Barber I  (Ali)
Barley BG (Barley-Barley)
Beazley M (Mike)
Berridge WC (Bill)
Berry DL (Grubb)
Boddie RG
Bond RD
Brockie DJ (Brock)
Broughton WE (Billy-Bro)
Brown PA (Tony)
Brown RM
Brumell FG (Jerry)
Bryant JB (John)
Cassidy BW (Barney)
Cropp DM (Crop)
Dare JR (Jack)
Dennerly JW (John)
Fincham EJ
Francis WS (Bill)
Gedge SM (Wedge)
Grundy JR
Guiness SJ (Syd)
Haenga ER (Roger)
Hammon BWE (Wahu)
Hapuku RTR  (Fish)
Hardie JR (Ross)
Harema H
Haronga P (Pani)
Hatu TMO
Herewini K (Kevin)
Herewini R (Mack)
Hetaraka JB (Ben)
Hewlett AJ (Bob)
Hill S (Spider)
Hokianga S (Sam)
Hotop PG (Boss)
Hunter BJ
Jellick HG (Harry)
King WPW (Bush)
Kopae JN (Johnny)
Kururangi AJH (Archie)
Lagah DC
Laracy PJ (Pat)
Lawson KH (Gundy)
Lemisio DH (Lemi)
Long B (Brian)
McGrath PR (Phil)
McLeod I (Ian)
Maddren MD
Maniapoto G (George)
Marchant WF (Bill)
Masters KJA (Aussie)
Matthews R (Hooks)
Mills WF
Moka JP (Jack)
Mokomoko T (Mani)
Mooney PH (Masher)
Morunga PB (Ben)
Murray TH (Tommy)
Newman WR (Wayne)
Powell DR (Cass)
Ripiko MW (Rip)
Sadler H
Sinclair BD (Barry)
Smith IS (Pagan)
Snowball V (Snow)
Taia GH (George)
Tansey J (Donkey)
Te Kani H (Jack)
Turuwhenua GR (Tufilu)
Vine KS (Ken)
Wahanui B (Brownie)
White RG (Fite)
Williams JRF (Jack)
Wickliffe T (Tua)
Crawford AR (Allan)
Dawson K (Kevin)
Eketone H (Harry)
Hebden BJ (Barry)
Johnson WI (Johno)
Joyce WC (Bill)
Rata C (Colin)
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